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Whole30 Coaching Dreams


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Hi! I'm PearlsPrayer30 and I'm on Day10 of my 5th Whole30. I have been on my Whole30 journey for 3 years after almost 25 years of struggling with food. Before my first Whole30 I had learned, quite extensively about anti-inflammatory foods and their benefit and seen significant changes in my body with strict smoothie and one meal a day regimens, heaping on the omega-3s and really feeling amazing, but that lifestyle had lasted about 3 months before all the old foods that I had been warned caused a hyper inflammatory response in my body, had crept back in. It wasn't until Whole30's tough love, no nonsense program, that I began to see real changes in my psychological behaviours regarding food. Now I spend the bulk of the year in food freedom forever, with an occasional Whole7 if I need it to get back on track. I decided to do a full Whole 30 after Thanksgiving, because bread had crept back in and was causing some major upheavals in my gut, not surprisingly, because a month before I chose to become sober from a 10 year dependence on cannabis for chronic pain. I haven't had chronic pain in quite awhile because my habits had begun to eliminate a lot of the factors that contributed to inflammatory pain, so I realised that cannabis had truly become an addiction, and faced that. 36 days into that journey, which has been going very well, I realised that comfort foods has slipped into replace the comfy habit I had for years. But Whole30 is built for this! It taught me to have awareness and to build my trust muscle so that I knew I could be both sober from all intoxicants and from sugar and wheat as well as long as I continued to choose me and my commitment to myself.  

Now I'm here to start to communicate with others in this forum, something I've never relied on in the pre-covid world, because I had a great irl Whole30 community, but now, in isolation, I think it's time to reach out to others and start to offer my experiences as proof that this lovely and accessible program utterly transformed my life. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and thanking Melissa Hartwig a year ago when I was invited by Dr. Will Cole to attend an event he was having in Brentwood, CA. Back then I was driving for LYFT and picked up Dr. Cole in Beverly Hills one day and had an amazing conversation that inspired me to dive into my 3rd Whole30 (I would do another one at the beginning of quarantine to ensure that I kept up self care during this stressful time). He told me in that rental car that I should become a Whole30 coach. And I thought, "you know what? I should!" Meeting Melissa last year felt like another sign that I was destined to help others with this beautiful journey into nourishment. I'm here now, to follow through on that desire. If you want to follow my instagram where I will be posting recipes and other inspiring things about nourishing the self, check me out on @pearlsprayer. I'm also a tarot reader = Tuned In Tarot on youtube where I do daily live readings and @tunedintarot on insta, and the musician, Pearl from @pearlandtheprayers (insta). I'm so excited to be here! Lets do this! 

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