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Day 16 - Do I have to start over?


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I'm doing my first Whole30 and today marks Day 16. My main goal with Whole30 is centered around getting to reintroduction so I can see whether certain foods cause bloating or inflammation for me.  The main two things I've noticed so far on the program: 1) I've been sleeping more soundly, and 2) my 4x per week runs have felt a little more challenging because of the decrease in easy carbs to burn. But otherwise, no cravings and I haven't felt truly tempted to break. 

I was feeling pretty excited about getting to Day 16 since I know this is around the time when energy levels are expected to increase. Unfortunately, I feel really upset because I'm worried my Whole30 has been compromised. A few days ago, my best friend gifted me an advent calendar with 24 different times of teas. I'm a big tea drinker and was really excited about it! The brand is Vahdam, which I had never had before. I mostly drink Leaves & Flowers or tea imported from Asia. I drank two cups of tea from the advent calendar today, but when I realized that it was called "Sweet Himalayan Detox Green Tea" I got paranoid. I had honestly assumed that loose leaf teas wouldn't have sugars in them. But after googling the brand, it looks like stevia is one of the listed ingredients. 

I am so sad and disappointed. Does this mean I have violated the Whole30 program and have to start over? Did two cups of green tea with stevia in it really ruin 16 days of discipline? I would love some advice on what you do in these moments.

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