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W30 v4.0 - Day -6

Lorna from Canada

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This covid-bound Christmas season is ending with a whimper - kind of like the year. We finished up the cheese and crackers today - there's one piece of Christmas cake to share before bedtime. A couple of bottles of wine are waiting to be finished - no more will be opened now. We had no parties, no visiting, no need for snacks and baking so none of that needs to be addressed. 

We're off dairy and legumes now. Tomorrow will be the end of grains. I made ghee out of the leftover butter so that's done. We're low on fruit and veg - need to stock up on those. We filled our freezer before Christmas with a huge order from a amazing locavore farm market - we have the best of the best meat and seafood ready for us. We ackowledge and are grateful for our privilege.

I bought the air fryer attachment for my instant pot so I am looking forward to playing with that.



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