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Started round 2 the day after Christmas! It has been 2 years. I was going to wait till January, but was feeling so bad this month that I jumped the gun and started the 26th. Now, I’m on day 3 and regretting this. My family is still drinking their Christmas cheer and eating the leftovers and I’m suffering the hangover! I know if I quit now I won’t start back up January. Help!! 

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I started on the 27th. Thankfully I was able to clear temptations out of my kitchen. That’s got to be difficult. Yet knowing you’re detoxing and will feel better soon gives great insight and hopefully motivation to continue. Are you still going?! I love that we started at the same time! January 26 is day 31 for me. 

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Yes I am still going! I had a better few days. New Year’s Day was hard because we were finally able to see family(we have been quarantined) and I ate before and brought a snack of compliant bacon, but it was brutal just sitting and watching. Yesterday, I bowed out of my husband’s friends gathering and ordered Zoe’s! I’m on day 9 and finally starting to feel less hungry and grumpy! How are you doing? I have to start virtual school again soon, so that will also be a challenge! (We are in Nashville) But I’m hoping by then I will really start to have more energy, and maybe that will help this round haha

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