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W30 v4.0 - Day -4

Lorna from Canada

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The countdown continues! This week we've also been focussing on upping our exercise as another way to get ready for W30. I've been so inflammed over the past year and lack of exercise is making it worse. Getting back to 10K steps a day is another target - I've had days during this covid-craziness where I've had less than 1500 steps. I don't even know who that person is. So - walking everyday in the snow has been a task and an accomplishment this week. 

So far this week we have reduced our processed added sugar to zero - that's a hard one for me but necessary to accomplish before heading into a W30 - no cold turkey for me. We haven't greatly reduced our grains but have had more meat/veg meals than usual so we're getting there. I found a Canadian source of sugar free/nitrate free bacon and have placed an order for delivery on Monday - woot! 

Mental preparation is great - we are both looking forward to the structure and commitment of a W30. I am hoping for reduced joint and muscle pain, reduced anxiety, (I love wine but know from previous W30s that it aggravates my anxiety (damn it!) :( ), better sleep and generally improved mental health... we shall see...

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