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So I'm back for another round to start out 2021. Last round started out 2020 and we all know how that year turned out so let's cross our fingers for something better!

I have zero intention of making any new years plans  (i live in one of the few Aussie places that has active covid clusters right now so socialising is a no-go) so I started a little early on 28/12. I'm also unsure how long this will run for, maybe 30 days, maybe 45 or 60. We'll see. The thing that always ends up getting me is that I can't have everyone in my household eating what I eat and so I end up making 3-4 different meals each night plus my whole 30 breakfast and dinner. I guess the goal out of this one is assessing pain levels (I have idiopathic nerve pain from left lower back down left leg) and assessing what is sustainable out of this way of eating long term. What that means is largely keeping this food log along with my daily personal journal for symptoms, cravings etc. and also experimenting with whole30 meals that I can get into my household rotation. 

So here goes - I welcome any/all input feedback so fire away if you have any thoughts and/or just want to say hi!

Extra note - I try and do 16:8 fasting as closely as I can, sometimes it's 15:9, sometimes it's 20:4, guided by my hunger signals. That does mean that with the extremely satisfying whole 30 meals I'm really only fitting in 2 meals and a mini-meal or snack meal each day. Any advice or thoughts on this? Do others combine whole30 and intermitten fasting?

Day 1 28/12

40 Aprons zuppa toscana with broccoli and cauliflower rice thrown in

Beef taco salad with homemade guac

Day 2 29/12

3 scrambled eggs with peppers, onions, mushrooms cooked in ghee plus skillet potatoes (delicious and super satisfying)

nectarine, banana and 2 tablespoons of coconut yoghurt

40 Aprons zuppa toscana with broccoli and cauliflower rice thrown in

Day 3 30/12

Beef taco salad with homemade guac

Small bowl of zuppa toscana

Moroccan chicken with skillet sweet potato, broccoli, cauli and pine nuts on top


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I miss Aus :( I spend 3 months of my Canadian winter in Adelaide and am completely gutted that I can't come this year. Soak up a bit of sun for me please.

I was just reading that intermittent fasting isn't allowed on a W30 but I'm not sure why. I am not a breakfast eater - on W30 I try to get my first meal in by 10AM but that's not the rules either. I do the best I can that fits my life.

I'm hoping for reduced inflammation and less anxiety - my previous 3 W30s were very useful until my mom died and the covid happened - looking forward to getting back into the health groove.

See ya round!

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And suddenly I'm a few days behind already! I'll try and fill in as best I can...


leftover egg roll in a bowl

half a banana with cashew butter

salmon fillet with sauteed potatoes, mushrooms, peppers and spinach in ghee


3 eggs scrambled with veges paprika and hot sauce 

pork egg roll in a bowl


pork egg roll in a bowl

half a banana with cashew butter

salmon fillet with tumeric and coconut sweet potato and kale 

I realise with fasting that I'm just not fitting the 3 meals in but two is not enough. I do find the fruit and fat combo satisfying to get me through the middle of my eight hour eating window but I'm still not sure if overall thats going to leave me under nutritionally. All that said I've woken up with much better energy today, no headaches or dizziness all of which plagued me for the first 7 days. So maybe it is enough for me?

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bolognaise sauce zoodles and sweet potato

banana nut porridge from against all grain, coco yoghurt and raspberries

egg salad with avocado


egg salad with avocado

pork san choy bau

banana but porridge as above


pork san choy baau

bolognaise with zoodles and sweet potato

I think the biggest thing that i need to do is add more veg. I have it cooked into everything but I could add more on the side I think. I've put the nut porridge in as a way to relieve boredom but I'm very aware that while I'm find digestively I'm not as full for as long. I enjoy it and will finish it but will keep it for outside the whole30 template otherwise.

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Oh - I want to try that banana nut porridge for breakfast! I sometimes have a banana with nut butter for breakfast and it holds me so I think this would work well for me.

Have you had any positive impacts on your pain yet? My plantar fasciitis is starting to resolve - I had PF in my right foot during my first W30 and it went away completely after 6 years of every treatment known to man. Now I have it in my left foot so it's interesting to see how it is definitely linked to diet.


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