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1 hour ago, Contessa said:

My challenge, much more than eliminating problematic foods from my diet, is gently learning how to not eat every time I feel stressed/bored/frustrated. Those are 3 big "feeling states" that tend to spark self-destructive food behaviors.

This statement absolutely spoke to my heart. I struggle with this daily and do feel like W30 is what I need to help me learn a better reward/comfort outlet.

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Muscle cramps were back last night, but thankfully, they're decreasing in intensity/duration. Thanks @ShadowInTheKitchenfor the helpful tips on salt! I'm sure cutting out all packaged foods has curbed my sodium intake...  I'll try adding more salt to today's dishes. 

Today I am missing crunchy foods... something besides carrots, I mean. Grilled toast... tortilla chips... come at me, crunchy foods.

Food journal for 1/13/21, day 15:

Breakfast:  1 perfect scrambled egg, pulled chicken, shredded veggies, mashed potatoes, sauce

Lunch: Kettle & Fire coconut curry soup, supplemented with some additional chicken.... take that, sodium level! a glass of kombucha

Dinner: Oven fries with compatible ketchup; pulled chicken, shredded veggies, steamed broccoli

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Yep, food boredom is real. And yet I'm glad to be selecting from a limited menu. Today was an seriously bonkers day, with a doctor visit, work deadlines, conference calls, and unexpected errands. Oh, and the people in the apartment above mine are re-doing their floors. Apparently a lot of hammers are involved. I was harried all day but still felt great. It was a blessing to have reliable Whole 30 food to hang on to.

Food journal for 1/14/21, day 16:

Breakfast: 1 perfect scrambled egg, pulled chicken, diced spinach, shredded veggies, mashed potatoes, sauce

Lunch: Chocolate avocado smoothie

Dinner: Spinach-avocado chicken burger, sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli, sauce

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Tonight I am prepping this coconut chicken curry recipe, which appears to be completely Whole30 if you substitute cauliflower rice for the traditional rice. I'll post taste test results tomorrow!

Food journal for 1/15/21, day 17:

Breakfast: 1 egg, pulled chicken, shredded veggies, mashed potatoes, sauce

Lunch: Spinach-avocado turkey burgers (ground turkey = not as good as ground chicken!); oven fries

Dinner: pulled chicken, shredded veggies, mashed potatoes, sauce


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Today may have been the first time I've ever prepared a dish that made the taster physically step back and say, "Oh my GOD" in awe. Such was the feedback from ye olde boyfriend on the NYTimes' coconut chicken curry. With compatible oil and compatible rice/noodles, it's totally Whole 30! Cool!

(Truly, I'm not sure if it was "Oh my GOD" worthy. It was good.... but for some reason, he really liked it.)

Also, I just realized that yesterday's Day 17 passed without incident. For some reason, Day 17 is the point at which my enthusiasm wanes and my motivation goes missing. Day 18 feels so much farther along than Day 17, go figure.

Food journal for 1/16/21, day 18:

Breakfast: I slept in and missed it!

Lunch: The aforementioned coconut chicken curry with spiral butternut squash and cauliflower rice (can we all agree that having access to mainstream, unsauced, free-of-a-million-processed- ingredients frozen cauli rice is really nice? Thanks, Green Giant.)

Dinner: the everpresent chicken, veggies, and sauce

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Man. Grinding away over here. I wish my cravings were not as gnarly as they are, here on Day 19. I've really been honoring the program. Usually my cravings have been crippled by this point. And okay, watching Gilmore Girls this month has probably not helped my situation. That show is a serious junk food extravaganza. The pizzas! The Chinese take-out! The platters of burgers and fries at Luke's Diner! I hold Lorelai personally responsible for these cravings.

Food journal for 1/17/21, day 19:

Breakfast: 2 eggs fried in the coconut curry sauce from yesterday

Lunch: coconut chicken curry with butternut squash and cauliflower rice

Dinner: Ground beef with sauce, mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli

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