W30 v4.0 - Day -1

Lorna from Canada

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Math, apparently, is hard. We start tomorrow so my countdown has been off all week! LOL - oh well, blaming it on the covid because, why not?

We're ready! The fridge is loaded with W30 compliant goodies and the freezer is full of gorgeous protein. I've got one more order coming next week (it has the local sugar free bacon in it - so excited to have found it!) and we'll be good for about 10 days. Hubs was a bit concerned about all the veggies taking up all the fridge space so we took out all the beer and wine and made room - HA! Definitely a W30 exercise :)   

We haven't done any meal planning yet. We're still off work for a few more days so meals aren't going to be an issue. Still, I want to try planning some meals as that is such a novel idea!

I have other goals for this month. Hubs and I WFH fulltime (well, we work from anywhere which is even better) but work has become IT - EVERYTHING. He's working right now at the end of the couch, on NYE for pity's sake. So, I want to get some work/life balance happening. We have been privileged to have no income change this year but if we work 60 hours a week, we probably HAVE had an hourly wage decrease. SO - I have some art projects I want to tackle and I want to re-establish a yoga practice. Getting back to those will be a NSV for me as everything right now is wrapped up in overall poor lifestyle choices. This afternoon I am going to get something onto my knitting needles - that'll be a good place to start.

Happy New Year everyone - I know we're all on pins and needles wondering and waiting but let's celebrate just being here shall we?



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WFH-it's just way too easy to sit on the couch and respond to email, edit a report, regardless of the time of day.  And for me, I don't have a designated office in my house.  Some days I work from the kitchen table, some days from the dining room...I like the idea of a goal of creating more work/life balance.  Art projects-love it!  

Best of luck to you and your husband on your start today!


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Right? Work work work. I've been feeling guilty for not responding to a work email that was sent to my personal email (so I know they want me to see it) because I really, really needed a break! Very challenging.

Didn't get going on my knitting project so that's my stretch goal today. It's 10:30AM so I have set a target to have it out by 1PM. Doable. I really need to commit to the balance if the whole W30 approach is going to work for me this time around.

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