Starting whole 30 again, this time without eggs

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I did whole 30 before but never had the success that I wanted, which was specifically figuring out what causes my itchy skin and excessive congestion - to the point that I take allergy meds twice a day and still have issues. I recently did a food sensitivity blood test and found out eggs is a big one for me.  Which means my last 3 whole 30 resets never really worked because I love eggs and eat them every day.  I've spent the last few weeks avoiding them but I need to step it up.  Eggless whole 30 will be rough but I can do it. My first whole 30 taught me that I can give up any food I need to if I put my mind to it.  Planning breakfasts already.  

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I am also sensitive to egg whites not the entire egg.  I am still using eggs in recipes when called for which is giving me a very minor amount of eggs, but would love to find breakfast alternatives as well as ingredient alternatives when recipes call for eggs. In some cases, I've been doing two egg yolks and one white when two eggs are called for, and that seems ok, but dairy free for me also now means egg free and I would like to get 100% instead of 95% egg free. 

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