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This is my 2nd whole30 and I’m ready to take charge of my sleep and not have aches/pains again.  It’s been a couple years since my first Whole30 and I loved how I felt and my relationship with food.  Slowly I slipped back to old habits and now I feel run down and exhausted again.  It is time to regain how life should be lived and feel comfortable in my body everyday.  Excited for the transformation that will happen in the next 30 days!



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I too have already done a whole30, but I have decided to do another one because my stomach is just so bloated. So here is day 1 and it went pretty well since I already made lamb meatballs and potatoes. I can tell that I am already going through carb withdrawals and I am so use to having chocolate after dinner.  

Good luck with day 2. Hopefully you will be able to regain your energy after being on this for a few days. Don’t be hard on yourself and perhaps extra sleep will help you too!

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I am in the same boat! I think this is my third Whole30 since my first rodeo in January 2015. My last one was in January of 2019, and that was the first time I focused on reintroduction. I was cruising along really well until early in 2020, and then I completely let all of my good habits go (I would love to blame it all on COVID, but in the end there is no one and nothing to blame but me!). I'm now the heaviest I've ever been in my life, and am incredibly uncomfortable in my skin. The fact that I slid into perimenopause in 2020 (at 44 years old!), which wreaked havoc on my metabolism, has not helped...

I am really excited to reconnect with the post-Whole30 me, who is someone I really like. I look forward to less anxiety, more energy, and better sleep (and, of course, I won't mind a smaller waistline).

Happy Day 2! We've got this!

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So how are things going? My stomach bloat has decreased somewhat and that is NSV for me! I did prep some chili and soup over the weekend and I am going to freeze a few portions so I am always prepared. My husband still hasn’t figured out what I can eat so I told him I would just post it on the fridge. He did try my sweet potato chili which he said he liked. 

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