Day 6! Time to get my life back

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Hello all, 

  I recently was diagnosed with hypothyroid. I was given the first pharmaceutical of my life and I’m not happy about it. I was feeling overly tired, my face would hang in a new way, a way I didn’t recognize myself. I tried keto and I think that’s what threw the hammer down on my thyroid. I was very tired thinking I had carb flu. After 30 days of ketosis I stopped and went back to normal eating, not overeating, and gained 30(!) lbs in about two months!! I don’t recognize myself.  
   I’ve done the whole30 in the past and remember how great I felt, taking such good care of my nutrition. Plus getting reacquainted with cooking regularly. I am currently on day 6 and going strong. I made sure to get everything non compliant out of my kitchen before I began. (Easier for me than others because I live alone.) 

   I am looking forward to this experience as I am 41 now and do not want to give up on my healthy body. I have always had a resilient body and I want to give my body the love it deserves. A time to rest and regenerate.  I’m currently got my eyes set on 31 days, but I may do the 66 as the book says that’s the best way to truly create good habits. 

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I have hypothyroid too. Am curious if I can come off my meds after I balance out and heal my body. Got GERD too, my body is always mad at me for what I eat. Sounds like you have a good plan. And reassuring to read you've done it before and are back again. Very hopeful to change my relationship with food. 

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