My daily food log - we'll see how this goes...

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W30 #4 - day 1

lunch - well - it was a bit lax because we got up so late that we didn't eat breakfast until after 11AM. Our bad. After our walk we returned home to a snack of baba ganoush with celery and carrots. That baba ganoush is SOOOO tasty - why oh why do I only make it during a W30? This makes no sense to me. I vow to do better! Hubs claims it has replaced his "the 1 food on a desert island" dish he'd have to have - it used to be lemongrass bun vermicelli. He's come a long way since being the fussiest guy on the planet when I met him 40 years ago!

Dinner - crispy skin trout, leftover latkes crisped up in the air fryer (a new tool for us - we're loving it so far!) and kale/apple/cabbage slaw with strawberries. I used the juice of half a navel orange in place of the sugar I usually put in the dressing - nailed it! 

Alrighty - that's day one in the bag. Onward.

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15 hours ago, Lorna from Canada said:

why oh why do I only make it during a W30?

This!!!  With so many things!  If only I made even the standards I can whip up quickly I wouldn't find myself back in the Arby's drive-thru waiting on my beef and cheddar sandwich.  On another note, baba ganoush does not sound like something I would want to try.  However, your husband's endorsement of it as deserted island food makes me you have a recipe you can share?  It's made from eggplant/aubergine, right?

I'll be reading for other foods you make in your air fryer...I'm contemplating getting one.  


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Here's a version that is close to what I make. It's quite an ugly dip but oh so good!

So far today - 

ANOTHER late morning getting out of bed - almost like we're on vacation or something! Apparently vacay can go beyond ignoring important work emails :)

Breakfast was very, very late - banana and apple with almond butter at 11:30.

Lunch - air fryer cauliflower bites. OMG - first time we've made these in the air fryer and they are AMAZING - so much better than the oven recipe we were using before! Cauliflower florets triple dipped in arrowroot flour, egg wash then seasoned almond flower. Dipping sauce - mayonnaise laced with compliant hotsauce and chopped cilantro. So crunchy. We just got our air fryer attachment for our instant pot 2 weeks ago and are really happy with everything we've done so far. To round out lunch we had some proscuitto and hard boiled eggs. A weird but satisfying lunch.



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Dinner - pork chop, broccoli and oven fries. Nothing fancy but super tasty. Missed ketchup on my fries though - I have compliant ketchup coming so didn't feel like making a substitute. A little salt and vinegar and they were grand. 

Missing wine still - I know that will go away in a few days. Wine is one of the only things that I know (from 3 reintroduction) to be an immediate problem. I drink well within recommended levels but it causes me generalized anxiety. A common side effect but a much unwelcome one. I love wine and this is very challenging knowledge :( Anyway - this break is good - makes me think about everything I am doing/not doing for my health.

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I am with your husband in the lemongrass bun vermicelli as being a desert island food! I love vermicelli.I will have to try that baba ganoush recipe. Sounds delicious! I love red wine as well. I can give up a lot of things but red wine is hard for me. I know it’s not serving me either though. I think it makes me anxious as well and messes with my mood.

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On 1/3/2021 at 2:26 PM, Suzgleadall said:

I am with your husband in the lemongrass bun vermicelli as being a desert island food! I love vermicelli.I will have to try that baba ganoush recipe. Sounds delicious! I love red wine as well. I can give up a lot of things but red wine is hard for me. I know it’s not serving me either though. I think it makes me anxious as well and messes with my mood.

We might be the same person! I have struggled with the wine knowledge for 3 W30s and will continue with it after this one too. sigh*

@MadyVanilla Let me know how the baba ganoush goes :P

Okay - so plans to keep a food log are not going well. But, I have been 100% compliant so, all good!! The advantage of having done 3 previous W30s is we know what to eat and can make meals without a lot of thought but we're already in a bit of a rut! Lots of roasted meats and plain veg.  We need to get more creativity in here. We cook all our food from scratch and are generally very creative but, these past few days have been boooorinnngggg.

Bkft today: hard boiled eggs and oranges

Lunch: kippered herrings, apple slices and almond butter, almond milk latte

Dinner: roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy with sliced fresh veggies and baba ganoush

Alrighty - Day 5 in the bag!




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Back to logging! Day 6 is off to a bang!

I made extra mashed potatoes last night with this morning's breakfast in mind - fried mashed potato cakes. soooo good

- mashed potato (mine are mashed with ghee and almond milk), fried chopped onion, 1 egg and an herb blend I like that is for grilled chicken... mushed together, formed into patties and fried to a crisp in ghee. Served with over easy eggs - you should see Hubs eyes light up when that hits the table! I can't do a plated fat with that because it just feels like so much unctious deliciousness without it. Plated fats are my weakness TBH!

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Lunch was on the road - apple slices with almond butter.  After a big breakfast that was all we could face and it was easy to eat while driving.

Dinner was delicious - a huge salad with avocado/mayo/cilantro dressing, air fryer cauliflower bites with spicy dipping sauce, onions rings and leftover chicken. We're feeling so full with our delicious meals - everyday we ask ourselves why do we leave this way of eating???


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Friday - where did Thursday go? Where are my meals from yesterday? Did I not list them? I am SO not good at record keeping. And I made a great dinner last night too - onion, garlic, mushroom, chard and shrimp on oven fries. Look how good it looks!


Enough about yesterday! Today is...

DAY 8! Week 2. It's Friday night! Which pretty much feels like Tuesday afternoon or Thursday coffee break time in this covid lockdown situation. It all just runs together after awhile don't you find? Friday night used to be such a big deal - now it's just one more night on the roster. BUT - It IS W30 Day 8 - and how is everyone going wherever you are in the program? 

I'm doing well although twice after challenging client calls - one last night and one this afternoon - I felt the desire for a glass of wine SO strongly I had to get up and wander around and think things through. What is it about holding a glass of wine that soothes the angsty coach after difficult sessions? And I am not even the one experiencing the difficulty - my clients are, I'm just supporting them through it. Very interesting craving though. Wine is like some kind of added bonus reward for doing my job well? Hmmmm

Hubs and I are doing a good job on the food but only marginally as well on the template/program. We're not eating 3 solid meals per day - a big, late breakfast and a delicious dinner with a snack for lunch. Today it was dates and pecan with an apple chaser. We always struggle with this part of the program. 100% adherene to the food list - a bit of a free for all with the recommendations. I think after 3 previous W30s we're just going to run with it for now.

2021 so far - amirite? Stay sane everyone!




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How we roll - apparently I am doing this every other day now - okaaay then. It doesn't really serve a purpose does it?

This weekend, we've spent more than healthy amounts of time doomscrolling the sitch happening in our big brother's house next door. Stay sane my lovely American friends and neighbours! I don't get that involved - it gets me adrenalin up to overdrive and I can't fall asleep at night. This is a good time to be doing a W30 as at least I'm not anxious - just super SUPER revved up. 2:30AM I'm still wide (wild?) eyed and too ready for a good fight rather than sleep.

I am also revved up because we're about to put an offer in on an ocean beach front summer home that will be our retirement home. We've been looking at retirement options for a few years and this is making it more real :). So that also kept me up last night - we have found our ideal place and we have our fingers crossed. Hubs negotiates for a living so I am just on the sideliens cheering him on but MAN I want that house!

SO - foodwise - meh - who am I kidding? It's all good! Day 10 almost in the bag.



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