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Whole30 Downunder - Day 1


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My second Whole30 - this is a restart for me.

Day 1 was yesterday - Breakfast was 2 poached eggs on a paleo toast I have made for years, no idea where I found the recipe but it is perfect for when you want "on toast" with black coffee. easy/no brainer. 

I spent the morning on some food prep and baked kumera (sweet potato to anyone not in New Zealand), made a savory beef mince (with celery, garlic, onion, yellow capsicum, herbs), Mel Joulwan's scotch eggs, and made a jar of Chia pudding (chia seeds, coconut milk & vanilla).

Lunch was half a kumera with a serving of the savoury mince

Dinner was baked salmon, asparagus and broccoli

Did my best to up the anti on the water intake... managed 6 glasses

Sleep at 9:30pm

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Alright - here you are! Glad you had a a great first day. I would love your paleo toast recipe - I don't have one although I saw a microwave one earlier. I have Scotch eggs on my mind for Sunday breakfast. My daughter does them in the air fryer and says they're amazingly crispy on the outside so I am down with mixing it up a bit.

You're in NZ? How good to be doing a W30 in the summer. Of course, you'll have more year round access to fresh fruit and veg than we do in Canada but I've never done a W30 in the summer when everything is avaiable. Maybe this year :) 

I have a home in Adelaide and have flown through Auckland a few times - we were going to spend 2 weeks there this year with our kids - ugh. Now I'm stuck here trying to survive a Canadian winter. One day at a time :) This, too, shall pass...

Hope day 2 is going well for you!

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Yes - West Coast of the NZ North Island :)

Summer W30 is waayyy easier - salads, salads and salads: just add meat! Having said that, I totally intend on doing another W30 in June, so we'll see how that goes!

As for the toast recipe - I have it as a pdf but it won't attach here... I will have to play with the format & see if I can get it to load.

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