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Whole30 Round 3, January 1


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I was debating whether to start Round Three today or Monday. Today's our anniversary and I DO love to start on a Monday, but decided since we have no plans to celebrate this year, there's no reason not to get started. Otherwise, there will always be a reason to wait. :)

Meal 1:  2 fried eggs over a potato, onion, red bell pepper and cherry tomato hash, with half an avocado.  It was amazing.

Meal 2:  Salad with shredded iceberg lettuce, seasoned chicken, salsa, green onions, half an avocado and some Primal Kitchen Cilantro Lime dressing. Very tasty. 

Meal 3:  Currently leaning towards a baked potato with pulled pork on top, but we'll see what this evening bring.


Prepping: Sautéing up some bell peppers and onions now - I will eat that combination on/with SO many things, so it's nice to have ready to go. I have some wings, chicken breast and ground beef all defrosting, so plenty of protein options. Going to roast some golden beets to have those on top of salads with some of that chicken breast.  And going to make some pickled red onions - also good on everything. :)

The Whole30 email this morning prompted me to go pickup a bunch of dressings and seasonings, so I should have a decent amount of variety to add to my meat and veggies to mix things up a little, and keep it simple, just the way I like it. :)

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