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Day 3 - Metal Taste in my Mouth - Normal?


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I must admit today is a bit rough. I'm extremely nauseous, stubborn low grade headache, and I started with a metal taste in my mouth last night that has not gone away.

Is this metal taste normal?

Did not eat breakfast again this am, too nauseous, but I will get a few bites in tomorrow am. I did have a small amount to eat for lunch, but have mainly been sipping on Kombucha to ease the belly and keep this taste at bay.

I'm having little contact with people as I seem to be a tad snarky :)

I have remained compliant through it all!

Hope you are faring better than me!

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Hey Christine!

What have your meals been like so far? The metal taste could be due to not getting enough healthy carbs (sweet potatoes and other root vegetables). It sounds like you could be suffering the low-carb flu, but it's hard to tell without seeing what your meals have been like.

Anywho, the roughness seems to be pretty normal through the beginning of the Whole30. I haven't gotten headaches, but I've gotten fatigue/brain-fog at various times. My husband (doing the Whole30 with me) has also recently mentioned a gurgly stomach and brain-fog, which I think is due to him not eating large enough portions. I find the larger meals I eat, the better I do and feel.

I hope you start feeling better!

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Thanks Della for the reply. I've been eating a handful of protein (chicken/beef) with lots of veggies, I'm not a sweat potato fan, I've been eating the squashes, my favorite being the spaghetti squash - celery, small amount of carrots, onions, cukes, swiss chard, brussel sprouts, spinach and asparagus. I've had one tomato and a 1/2 pear in the past 4 days.

I'll research veggie carbs and see what else I can get in.

Thanks again for helping :)

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