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Today was good - woke up late after a good sleep. I'm working on a routine to help my plantar fasciitis and it seems to be working with reduced pain on rising. I will keep at it. My first W30 eradicated my chronic PF in my right foot after every treatment known to mankind failed. I had it for more than 6 years then, boom, gone! 6 months ago I developed it in my left foot. I am hoping this W30 helps but, already deep (painful) massages, stretching and voltaren are starting to work. My goal is to return to running (I'm a marathoner) with some confidence but there are a few things that need to be in place first - starting with a resolution of this particularly painful PF. 

A little headachey and logey today. Unlike previous W30s I'm laying off the fruit beyond the recommended 2 pieces/day. In previous W30s it took me a few weeks to reduce my daily banana/orange/apple/dates/raisins/dried cherries quotient - sugar bombing from the acceptable list. Yes, I knew what I was doing. Anyway - I think the sugar withdrawal has hit hard already so the dragon is whining. Tomorrow might be a KAAT day early...

Off to my pot of herbal tea and what's left of the Christmas movies on dvr. We've watched about 30 so far - they're mostly terrible and OH SO predictable but we like them anyway :) 

Hope everyone is having a great day whatever your stage is! 


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55 minutes ago, Lorna from Canada said:

My first W30 eradicated my chronic PF in my right foot after every treatment known to mankind failed.

That's really something. As someone who experienced a spontaneous inaugural bout with PF early in the fall, and did not enjoy it one bit, I really like hearing about how nutrition clobbered your pain. I hope you get similar results from this round.

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Hi, @Lorna from Canada -- if you just keep replying to one topic, instead of starting a new one each day, it'll keep everything together and you can bookmark/favorite the topic so you can get back to it later. If you'd like to do this, let me know, and I can combine the couple of days you already have started into one topic.

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