January 1st Start Date!

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@Lorna from CanadaNo Tiger Blood here, either. I've never felt what I think is Tiger Blood on any of my Whole30s. But, my energy level is consistent all day - no mid-afternoon slumps - and I also have a ton of NSVs, so I'm not too upset by it. I do wonder what it feels like, though.

I won't be having a glass of wine until 2/6. I want to take advantage of the clean slate the W30 has given me to cultivate new habits around non-W30 foods/beverages, and my ideal life would include drinking no more than one day a week. Saturday seems like the right day for me. Having a drink on Friday after work would create a slippery slope into the "alcohol as reward/alcohol to combat stress" swamp, which is an easy transition into wine on Wednesday because of a difficult day at work. 

I'm going to reintroduce one food group per week, I think, starting with sugar on the 31st (sugar in my coffee, honey in my tea, brown sugar on sweet potatoes). Then alcohol on the 5th, legumes on the 13th, non-gluten grains on the 20th, dairy on the 27th, and finally gluten on 3/6. I think this is a good compromise between feeling like I need longer on the W30 and really wanting to reintroduce. I may push dairy and gluten out one week and add another couple of alcohol days over the weekend of the 27th since I'm going on a camping trip that weekend with friends I haven't seen in forever. 

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I need to look for FFF too, I’ve only read the intro book and ISWF.  I’m feeling good today, soooooo glad I didn’t crack last night. Today I ran an absolutely belting 6km in well under 5 mins per km

I’ll join you! I am in the Uk, I’m married and have 3 children. l started my 2nd whole30 on 1st Jan. I did my first in July after what we refer to as “the all inclusive lockdown cruise” in our house!

I’m interested, if you’ll have me!  This is my first Whole30 and I started January 1st. Everything is going smoothly for me.  I live alone. Well, not exactly, but my roomies are the four-footed vari

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