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Starting day 4 today! I have noticed that I am not as hungry, and have enjoyed the freedom of eating my meals with real food. 

One question.... I still feel bloated. How long does it take for that feeling to go away? I had a snack of walnuts and almonds with an apple yesterday, maybe I had too many nuts??? 

Anyway, thanks in advance for having me here. Looking forward to being a part of the community.

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Hi - good luck on your journey! Figured I’d answer your question on bloating based on my experience :D usually the first few days I release a lot of I get up four times a night. But it usually takes 4-5 days for things to get “moving” and then the bloat will go away. Honestly I don’t think it’s the nuts, just getting adjusted to no grains, dairy and sugar depending on how much you were eating before you started. I’ve done Whole 30s before, but this is my first one being gluten and dairy-free, which I removed from my diet in 2017. So I am less bloated and so far, less cravings since I’m just dealing with the withdrawal of sugar and GF junk food! Hope that helps! 

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Thank you for your response! I'm hanging in and starting day 5 now! I've eaten like this in the past before but never as strict..  the no grains and no dairy has been challenging but I keep telling myself that even one bite will send me back to day 1. I appreciate your support, looking forward to seeing and feeling results. So many people have been so successful at getting healthy with this, I can too!!!

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@Libberittahi check new Primal Kitchen avocado oil VEGAN Mayo says it’s whole 30 approved. Their regular avocado oil Mayo has eggs. I cannot vouch for the taste of the vegan Mayo but the Primal Kitchen dressings are delish - some have eggs though. Good luck!! 


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