Elderberry gummies and an accidental slip up

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I’m on day 3 of my first whole30 and have two situations that are making me question if I should start over. 

I read sunmaid raisins were compliant however when i read the box of the golden raisins I have they have sulfur dioxide added as a preservative. I’ve added maybe a handful to a couple of salads but wondering if I need to start over?


I also realized the organic elderberry gummies I took (4 total) have rice meal and organic sunflower oil for coating. Same question if I should just  start over?

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It is always up to you whether to start over or not. This article may help you decide: https://whole30.com/start-over/

Regardless of where you read that a particular item is Whole30 compatible, you should always check the label and be sure. Items change over time or people misread labels, it's just generally a good idea to always double check. 

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