Just realized I chewed gum today without thinking - do I need to restart?

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It just hit me that I chewed a piece of gum earlier today without even thinking about whether it was compliant. I have been strictly following the rules, reading and researching ingredients. Do I need to start over? I’m only on day 4, but starting over would be disheartening and super inconvenient for me. I’ve been feeling really positive about getting this far and I’ve planned some things around my whole30 timeline. 

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Hey I posted in this forum earlier because I accidentally had tea with a no no ingredient. I would suggest you do, and it sucks I know from experience but it's not a punishment. Book says restarting is always up to you but since mine was due to carelessness, I did. The idea is to give yourself 30 days of reset with no noncompliant ingredients and gum has sugar and sugar free gum has sugar substitutes which are still no. I didn't want to start with day 1 because yes disheartening and also the symptom predictions would be off so I just added my 3 days to the end. I also learned to Read My Labels lol. I made peace with it and am now finished with day 4 of my whole 33. I deserve the full 30 days because it will help me figure out what bothers my body and create new habits. Hope this helps. ❤️

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On one of my previous W30s, I ate baba ganoush that had sour cream in it (insert tirade about dairy being in baba ganoush to begin with! Sacrilege!)  I think I was on Day 11. It was also just carelessness and failure to read the label. I chose to restart because I like the commitment of 30 days and the structure of the program. Hubs also ate it and did not restart - he had a business trip at the end of the original 30 days and did not want to be on strict W30 rules while travelling. Each of our decisions worked for us - no one died and we are here again doing another w30.

This link from W30 might help you decide for yourself: https://whole30.com/start-over/

Good luck!

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