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Should I start counting the days over?

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I am a 5’ tall 120 ish pound 22 year old woman and I went on the whole30 to try and solve some IBS problems but On day 3 I ended up in the ER horribly dehydrated and needing lots of calories.


I’ll add here, I have never been someone who eats a lot so having to eat a lot is something that I find very hard so it was easy for me to fall way behind on calories after a short period of time and since I wasn’t eating, I didn’t feel well, so I slept, and got dehydrated, and then ended up in the ER.

The doctor there said I should supplement my diet a bit with some rice or something with carbs to keep myself from passing out (as I almost did a few times while I was there) so when I got home I had some whole wheat pretzels and a few crackers with almond butter (they were all I had that I felt I could eat at the time) and followed up with my doctor the next day. My primary care doctor still wants me to do whole30 with the strict diet but I’m confused as to if I need to reset my days because I ate a bit of pretzel and some crackers after getting out of the ER or if I should just keep going. Also if you have any suggestions that could help with getting in more calories without having to eat more that would be great.

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Wheat is really one of the major things Whole30 asks you to avoid, because it causes issues for so many people, so you probably ought to restart, or add extra days to the end if your Whole30, so that you have 30 straight days of Whole30 eating before you start doing reintroductions, but it is always ultimately your decision. 

As for eating more calories while not eating larger servings, you're going to want to focus on calorie-dense foods. Adding fat to meals, choosing higher fat cuts of meat, having starchy vegetables at each meal. Though smoothies aren't recommended for most people, they might be helpful for you, since you could sip on them over the course of an hour or two between meals if you didn't feel you could eat more at your meal, and using full-fat canned coconut milk could increase the calories.

Adding mayo and oil-based dressings or sauces can add calories without adding a lot of bulk. Topping your protein or vegetables with compliant pesto or chimichurri type sauces could add flavor and fat. 

You can also disregard the three meals a day recommendation if you need to, if eating four or five times a day works better for you. Basically, do what you need to do to eat enough that you're not fainting. 

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