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So I am beginning day 8. I  feel like I have been very compliant with the rules and eating times/patterns, although I did get hungry yesterday afternoon, so had a compliant snack. I have not experienced any of the projected symptoms so far, even though my diet for the past 9 months has been horrendous, lots of carbs, sugar, dairy, and alcohol, at all times of the day.  Because I have not been having symptoms, I am questioning if I am doing anything wrong. So For breakfast,  a typical meal is two eggs, a LARGS bowl of salad greens with approximately 1 tbls. Olive oil, half a small avacado, and some sliced red and orange peppers, fresh. For lunch and dinner, I am eating very similar foods, large salad with olive oil, a protein, sometimes an additional fat such as nuts or avacado and lots of veggies. I have begun to wonder if I am eating too much fat and/or too many vegetables? I have not been terribly hungry between meals, although usually pretty hungry before dinner. Also, I drink tons of herbal tea. 

I am looking for some feedback to make sure I am doing this right, or if I am eating too much of any one thing. Thank you in advance.

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55 minutes ago, jlmoia said:

if I am eating too much fat and/or too many vegetables

This is not really possible ;)  For sure it would be impossible to eat too many veggies and for fat, since it creates satiety, it's highly unlikely that you can over eat fat when you are eating whole foods.

Rejoice if you are not having symptoms! Not everyone does and/or some people have different ones at different times.  If you are getting hungry between meals, we suggest adjusting your meals to get you 4-5 hours between.  2 eggs seems low for protein, we recommend if eggs are your protein, you use as many as you can hold in one hand comfortably.  Since nutrition is cummulative, eating a slightly too small breakfast and potentially a slightly too small lunch could create the pretty hungry feeling prior to dinner.

Otherwise, your meals look good as you've described. We also suggest including at least a fist sized serving of starchy veg each day.

Keep going! You're doing great!

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On 1/11/2021 at 12:20 PM, jlmoia said:

Thank you, I somehow missed the recommendation for some starchy vegetable everyday. This is not a problem, as I really do love all vegetables. 

@jlmoia Sounds like you're doing FANTASTIC! Way to go! I didn't have any KATT or EATT or symptoms either for any of my W30s. I also didn't get the much sought after Tiger Blood either - more like old housecat blood :)

Keep up the great work!

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2 hours ago, jlmoia said:

I also have not experienced many positives

While I am definitely not contradicting you - only you know what you're experiencing... I would definitely encourage you to look at the linked list and see what you can find of positives that you might be experiencing.  Sometimes we get tunnel vision about what 'positives' come out of what we're doing and having a look at some suggestions can help us expand how we are viewing our success...

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On 1/13/2021 at 9:40 AM, jlmoia said:

Thank you, I love the old house cat comment! I still don't really understand the Tiger Blood phenomenon anyway. So what positives did you experience? While I am not having any of the negatives, I also have not experienced many positives. 

So - this ol' housecat has experienced these NSVs at the 1/2 way mark:

  • reduced anxiety +++ I was struggling so much with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety in December - it cleared out almost immediately. I think it's the sugar
  • coping with my Seasonal Affective Disorder much better. Usually by January I am heading to a "can't get out of bed" depression. For the past 5 years, I have wintered in Australia and, even knowing that I was leaving in 2 weeks didn't stop the depression from coming on. This year, I can't go to Australia because, well, you know, covid, and I am steady as a rock. I also think this is related to sugar
  • sleeping like the proverbial baby - so good to get up to pee at 3 AM, return to bed and go BACK TO SLEEP right away
  • resolution of plantar fasciitis.  This happened during my previous W30 with a chronic PF in my other foot so I was really, REALLY hoping for a similar experience and it's great - almost all gone

I think everyone's experiences are so different because we all come into this from different places in oour health. If you are already pretty energetic and eat a pretty solid diet the changes aren't goig to be as dramatic. I'm coming off a 16 month sugar high of dramatic proportions so I think I will see things particularly in this area.

How's the extra starchy veg helping?

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It appears we are on a similar path. I begin my 14th day today, roughly half-way, and have really been paying more attention to NSVs...I am sleeping much better, even sleeping through the night last night...after drinking tea all day, I was a little surprised at that. Also, my skin looks better, and I think my eye circles are lighter and less pronounced. I have been recently diagnosed with asthma like symptoms, so was hoping to see improvements there, but if any, not as significant as I would like, but aagin, still only on day 14. Since I enjoy almost all vegetables, the starchy veg have added a variety, and doesn't seem to have a negative impact on my cravings, still trying not to over do. 

Thanks for responding, and take care!

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