My 11 year old “isn’t hungry”


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Hi. My entire family is doing the January whole30. 
my 11 year old has done 3-4 rounds in her lifetime. We discussed this one for over a month and it’s the first in a few years. She’s never had a problem before. 
All of a sudden, she will not eat anything. She keeps saying “I’m not hungry”. She’s drinking water and eating small amounts of fruit but that’s it. This has been going for 2 Days. Advice??? Should I be concerned???

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Was she behaving like this before the Whole30? Has there been conversations about weight and losing weight and somehow she thinks that if she doesn't eat, she will reach her 'ideal' weight? Could she be sneak eating other foods and actually not hungry for what you're offering her? Have you asked her what she does want to have? Some things that are not allowed for adults (banana pancakes) are okay for kids...

We're not doctor's here so if you're very concerned, I would take her in to see a doctor. it's a slippery slope when a child starts refusing to eat and can be a symptom of something psychological that you'd want to get on top of right away.

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