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Zinc Lactate

Chadwick Lewis

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Hey there, I saw that Nestle PurLife has a new line of enhanced, natural waters without sweeteners.  I've been able to verify the ingredients for the three flavors, except for "Zinc Lactate" which is in the Blackberry one.  Is this okay? 

I did see on another forum post (link here), that Melissa weighed in on Phosphoric Acid being acceptable, but not ideal so I decided to pass on that one for now.



Orange Potassium Water.jpg

Lemon Magnesium Water.jpg

Blackberry ZInc Water.jpg

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Zinc lactate seems to be a salt, from what I can tell, and should be ok to have. I don't know that these are really doing a whole lot, as far as the claims they  make, and I'd be especially careful of the magnesium one, given that some forms of magnesium are useful for combating constipation -- I'm not sure the amount in one bottle would necessarily cause problems, but drinking multiple bottles could. 

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