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Hi Ladies, I'm 56 and post-menopause.   I've been on my Whole30 journey for the last 3 years and I'm currently 17 days into a round but when not on a round I live about 90/10 on Whole30.

My sleep quality and quantity has become worse and worse and I don't understand why.   

I exercise in the morning, I don't drink caffeine, I don't eat or drink anything after 7pm.   I go to bed in a dark, aired room.  Sometimes I'll fall asleep quickly but other times I'll lie awake for at least an hour.   When I fall asleep quickly I'll wake again after an hour and then it can take me another 1.5-2 hours to fall asleep again.   I find myself having more and more toilet breaks in the night too.

I'd love some thoughts/ideas to help me through this as it's the one thing that's really getting me down.  Whole30 has done so much more for me including weight loss and reversing my diabetes.

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How is your sleep now @JRBILW30? I find on w30 I wake early and feel tired in the evenings. I think the early waking is due to eating breakfast - my body clock responds to it quite efficiently. I remedy it by eating a bit later in the morning if I can. When not on W30, I don’t really eat breakfast. 
I still get nights where I toss and turn but this is almost always due to my cycle (high progesterone I think) and lasts 2-3 days. 

Do you have a sleep tracker/Fitbit? I was looking at mine today: my sleep hours have not increased at all this last 6 weeks however my sleep quality has on the whole improved, and I have a few 80/good scores each week now rather than 1 a month like before! 

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