Swanson’s sipping bone broth

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The list of ingredients seems compliant, but I’m worried about “tomato paste”, could that contain sugar? It also says “may contain traces of wheat”, I’m assuming from cross contamination in the facility where it’s manufactured. So, are these out? I like the convenience of the grab and go and heat option they provide.

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If the tomato paste had sugar, it would probably be listed as tomato paste (tomatoes, sugar) -- in other words, the ingredients of the ingredients are generally listed as well.

"May contain" or "processed in a facility that also processes" type warnings are basically a company legally warning people who have very severe allergies that there might be some trace of those allergens, just to keep themselves from being liable for alleergic reactions. For Whole30 purposes, you can ignore them.

If these are the only questionable ingredients, these are fine to have on Whole30. 

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