Question about today's article on reintroduction

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So I have begun thinking about reintroducing certain foods (cream and beans are on my priority list...of all things), and read the following, The only dairy I am interested in adding back is some full/fat real cream in my coffee. That would amount to no more than 2 Tbls. daily, but based on the statement below, that doesn't appear to be enough to provide information on the impact. Thoughts? 

  • Ideally, you’ll reintroduce enough of each food group to test the effects. (A splash of milk in your coffee won’t allow you to see the impact of dairy on your system.)
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The key word here for me would be 'ideally'. I would ask myself 'what do I want to learn from reintro?' - if you are truly committed to never eating any dairy besides coffee cream and don't actually care whether you're sensitive to dairy or not, then, reintroduce your coffee cream and carry on. I think most of us are curious to find out where the problem children are (especially after a first W30) so, going the ideal route might make more sense for you.

I'm not doing a reintroduction after this 4th W30 because I already know my hotspots very, very well (even if I don't always use that information effectively but, hey, that's on me, not the W30 :) ) so, I'm going to decide on W31 what I will do next.  I suspect that I will carry on with W30 until the spirit moves me to have a glass of wine. Might end up with a W100 - who knows?

Those are my thoughts!

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