W30 for baby’s food intolerance

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Baby has had eczema since 6w old, and the ped recommended cutting out soy and dairy (after a couple months of testing out different formulas/meds). I decided to try Whole30 - the structure and recipes made it so much easier than just focusing on milk/soy elimination. 2 weeks in, my baby’s skin is finally healing (can 3-4 weeks for a reaction to fully settle). My question: can I just continue W30 until I stop BF? The risks of adding foods back in outweighs the benefit of knowing exactly what affects him, especially as the flare up takes forever to heal, and he’ll likely grow out of his intolerances by 12-18m. I know reintroduction is a vital part of the program, but I’m not doing this for me - I’m doing it for my infant, and I’m hard pressed to do anything that will return him to his previous state of rashy misery.

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