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Getting Back Into An Exercise Routine


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Hey all!

Getting back into an exercise routine while starting a whole30! My goal is to start light with zumba, spin, walking, and yoga with 1 strength training class a week. I would ideally like to work my way up to 2 strength training classes a week, and replacing zumba with another more high intensity spin class. I would still like to keep yoga as a part of that routine- but more high intensity yoga, like bickram.

Does this sound doable/productive/ultimately a good routine?

Background on me:

23 years old, 5 ft tall, and 107 lbs. Have done P90X lean, as well as strength training in the gym, yoga, and regular biking- so I'm not an exercise newbie- but I am trying to get my routine started again after a long exercise break.

Thanks in advance for any tips.

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Hey and welcome.

For my clients that I train, I usually forward them to this site for a broader picture to better their nutrition.

A lot of people seem to think more is better. But in reality it isn't! I'd highly recommend 3 days strength work in the form of a beginners or armature program. Practise body weight exercises. Work on movement and recover alot.

I tend to think spin classes are a bit much for everyone and cause more problems then enough. I dont like my clients going to them. If you need the cardio, do some spints once or twice a week. But go by how you feel.

Keep the yoga as you'll benefit from it greatly! But I know you might think this sounds a bit crazy, but trust me. It really really works! With good nutrition, progressively heavy weights and body weight exercises, with some sprint work threw in...you'll be in amazing shape.

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I 100% agree....

BTW... I do attend an interval spin class once a week or so and the only reason is that after warm up the whole class Is Tabata drills .... I won't attend the regular run of the mill spin as I feel it is to much ..... My coach has us do Tabata burpees and KB as well....

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