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Can I start?

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For what it's worth, I did my first Whole30 knowing that I would be travelling from Canada to Australia during my final 3 days. That was a terrible experience (I flew business class on 3 flights totally 36 hours of AMAZING free access to food and wine and I resisted it all!) and my re-intro was ruined by the vagaries of trying to set up my Australian house and settle into a new routine. I ended up not doing a proper reintroduction which meant that I did another W30 in May when I returned to my Canadian home. All in all though, it was worth it to do that first W30 - got me in the right mindset to do #2 which yielded lots of good insights.

So, I guess it depends on what you want from this W30. If it's your first and your biggest priority is to figure out what foods are messing with you, then you should probably allow at least 10 days to do a proper reintroduction and that will be really difficult while you're on vacation. If, like me you just wanted to do something, ANYTHING to start getting your relationship with food under control and you DON'T want to hit your vacation feeling like you're living someone else's out of control life, then maybe doing it now and repeating it in the future could work for you like it did for me.

Just some thoughts.

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