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Insomniac’s Log


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I’m starting my second W30 tomorrow in the hope that it helps with my insomnia, congested sinuses, minor weight gain, depression and low energy. I’m pretty sure all these things are connected but I know for a fact that eating bread for lunch and licorice for dinner is doing me zero favours. 

My doctor recommended I switch to decaf (I currently have about 12oz of coffee before breakfast) so I will be easing into that over the next 30 days.

I’ve been doing yoga every day so I hope to continue with that, along with  my walks and bike rides (no car, so this is a given).



- sleep a full 6+ hours unassisted 

- clear up sinus congestion (try neti pot? salt gargle?)

- drink 2-3 L water per day

- incorporate more fermented foods into my diet

- fit comfortably into my non-elastic waistband pants again =)


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Welcome @meli22

I'm so with you on the insomnia sh!zzz.  Have faith, Whole30 helps.  I'm currently on Day 20 and have been tracking my sleep for about the last week.  My sleep is definitely getting better with fewer incidents of hours of sleeplessness in the middle of the night. Stick with it for two weeks you should begin to see some results by then, it will give you the energy to make it to the finish line.  Good luck with breaking up with the Jo.

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@meli22 I use a FitBit to track my sleep, helpful to know how many hours I slept or didn't, but also helps to see that I did in fact sleep when I feel that I didn't. 

I also used to drink a lot of coffee.  I gave it up one year for Lent and haven't drank it since.  Discovered that it doesn't agree with me.  It is possible.... 


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Sleep - no pill, up at 1:45 & 5:30

B - coffee; chicken-veg soup 

S - 1 T sunflower seeds

L - sardines w/ 1/2 T olive oil, capers, olives, celery, cucumber + sauerkraut

D - zucchini noodles w/ salsa, sautéed mushrooms, shrimp + olives; grapes

(It’s still early in the evening so if I get hungry later, I’ll have a hardboiled egg)


Feeling good today - energy level consistent. Had a decent sleep (for me) and got an early start feeling relatively well-rested. 
One of the side effects of my sleeping pills are a dramatically increased appetite/weight gain. But the anti-depressants I’m taking have the opposite effect. Predictably, my appetite feels totally out of whack. I’m trying to use the sleeping pills very sparingly and am hoping to taper off the anti-depressants within the next 12 months. Right now, though, I need them. I’m also taking vitamin D and cod liver oil every day. 

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Sleep - up at 11:30, 1:40 + 4:30 (no pill)

B - 2 deviled eggs (w/ mustard + chopped olives); coffee

S - 1 T sunflower seeds

L - salad (kale, radicchio, celery, olive oil + acv, olives, pickles, 1/2 avocado, herring); grapes

S - apple + 1 T almond butter

D - chicken-veg soup; sauerkraut; roasted delicata squash w/ sea salt


Very very tired and numbed out today but managed to do a half hour yoga and get in a walk. I had to lie down after lunch. Bought decaf coffee. Bought a neti pot which I’ll sterilize and use tonight - I remember using one for sinus pressure around 2011 so hopefully it’ll work this time around. 
I find that I need to keep some ‘fun’ foods around, to keep me interested in eating right now - hence the herring, olives and almond butter (funny that I classify these as ‘fun’ foods :D). Might try incorporating some starchy carbs at breakfast to see if it lifts my energy level.

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Sleep - pill - 10:30 - 7:30 (up at 3:30 but fell back asleep within minutes)

B - coconut-cauliflower soup; coffee (half-caf)

L - zucchini noodles + salsa, sautéed mushrooms, sausage

S - grapes

D - salad (kale, radicchio, lobok, olive oil + acv, herring, olives, 1/4 avocado)

Feeling well-rested, not as foggy or hungry as usual. 
Might have apple slices and almond butter later if I’m feeling hungry :)

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Sleep - pill, 10:30 - 7:30 

B - coconut-cauliflower soup; coffee*

L - salad (kale, radicchio, lobok, olive oil & acv, sausage, olives, 1/4 avocado) w/ roasted squash

S - apple & 1 T almond butter

D - yam noodles w/ sausage, olives, salsa

*coffee from now on will be half-caf unless otherwise noted

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