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Missed one pill, now I’m bleeding


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So I’m on day 15 of my whole 30. 2 days ago I missed a pill in my birth control pack (which I do more times than not unfortunately) which was on Friday and the next morning Saturday I was spotting all day and I doubled up on my pill that night to make up for the missed day. I spotted Sunday, and am still seeing some old blood (sorry for TMI) and “spotting” despite being back on track with my pills. My period isn’t supposed to start until next week and I have a full 6 more days of pills left to take. Is this normal? Anyone else experience this when missing a pill on Whole30? This has never happened to me before! 

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Yes, this can happen due to changes in diet which can cause changes in hormones. It's possible that the one missed dose along with a change in hormones from the program was enough to push you into an irregular cycle.  If you're very concerned, see your doctor but it's likely that it's because of the change in eating. There are tons of discussions about this very topic in the Ladies Only forum if you want to have a read through - that might comfort you a bit.

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