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I’m on day 12 and I feel like I am eating too much. In the beginning I was eating enough so I adjusted and I am following the meal template. I am a stay at home mom and prep my meals besides breakfast. I usually have an avocado, 2 sunny side up eggs and one small sweet potato air fries. For a snack I have a half of an avocado and workout shortly after. And post worworkour I have a chomps stick l. Then for lunch it’s left overs (my goto the the Shepard’s pie from the cookbook). And for a quick dinner I have a chicken breast, sweet potato wedges and a veggie. And if I’m carving something sweet I get a Waterloo. I try to have protein, fats, and carbs at every meal. Is that right?

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This doesn't look like too much to me. How long do your meals keep you satisfied? You're aiming for 4-5 hours between meals. If you're hungry before four hours, they're a bit small. If you're regularly going 6-8 hours without feeling hungry, they may be a little too big.

It's not unusual for people to feel that they're eating too much on a Whole30. Part of this is that when you take away carbs like bread and pasta and replace them mostly with vegetables, it can take a lot of vegetables to get the same feeling of fullness you would experience with those foods, so the volume of food may truly be bigger than you're used to. Another part of it, at least for some people, is that they're used to diets that restrict calories, which Whole30 doesn't do, so if you've come from that kind of background and now instead of counting calories you're starting to eat based on hunger and on fueling your body adequately, it's even more likely for your brain to now think a full plate of food is too much.

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Thank you!

I don’t think I’m used to eating with structure. I stay at home with my toddler and I feel like before w30, I would have so many mini meals or just grab a snack here an there. So W30 has been helpful with mindful eating and intentional eating. But I also feel like I am gaining weight so early in my 30 days and I’m hoping that changes as well. I’m not really sure what to expect. I know W30 isn’t a diet, I guess I just had something different in mind. 

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