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I eat a lot but I'm hungry in the morning,4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 am. I eat at least 4 snacks (almonds and berries) and 3 meals a day. My parents rarely have carbs in the house due to the keto diet (low carb, high fat). I help out with dinner any chance I get, but lately my parents aren't letting us cook anything. we're eating out all the time. That's when this whole thing started. How do I fix this problem because I'm losing sleep with this empty stomach ache.

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Instead of eating berries and nuts for a snack, try eating protein and fat like hardboiled eggs and mayo or leftovers.  Being hungry in the morning is generally a good thing and a sign that your hormones are on track but it sounds like maybe you're hungry because you're not eating enough througout the day? Are your meals matching the meal template? You may have to discuss with your parents just how important this is to you and that you would rather be able to cook your own food so that you can ensure you're getting the nutrition you need.  Why are they insistent on eating out all the time and not allowing you to cook? Also, how old are you?  If you're a young teen, you may need more food than the recommended 3 meals a day because you are growing.

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