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Hello. The last 2 whole30s I have done (January 2020 and current) I have not received the same results as in years past. I have Crohn’s disease (no flare since 2008) and had my gall bladder removed a few years ago, which has definitely effected my Whole30 experiences since then.  Knowing I have a dairy and gluten intolerance, within 1-2 days of starting a Whole30, my diarrhea goes away. Then about day 10, it comes back off and on with no clear diet trigger. I even thought I was maybe having a crohns flare, but later in the year had a scope that was clear.  Last year I even tried digestive enzymes and ox bile which caused an extreme laxative effect. The same course has happened this year, and it’s getting really depressing to think about how little I can eat without digestive issues. Stress is high, I’m sure I’m experiencing chronic stress at this point due to the events of this last year. I am experiencing other NSVs so I’m trying to focus on that instead of defining it only by digestive issues, but it’s difficult, especially when other Whole30s have gone so much better. Anyone have experience with this or any tips? Thank you!

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