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7/3 commitment

Lorna from Canada

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Today I made a commitment to have 7 veg and just 3 fruit everyday. I'm going to log it here (well, we'll see but I'll start anyway!) to keep track


onion, mushroom, pepper hash with breakfast = 3 veg

1/2 orange with lunch = 1/2 fruit

grapes and mixed nuts = 1 1/2 fruit (I put raisins and coconut in my mixed nuts)

fish tacos - mayo, lettuce, peppers, onions, salsa, cilantro, avocado = 5 veg

banana = 1 fruit

Great start!



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eggs and ham for breakfast - no veggie hash which is my mainstay for adding veg. Oh what to do, what to do :)

banana for bkft too - 1 fruit

lots of carrot, celery, cucumber sticks with red pepper cashew dip with lunch - 3 veg (whew - close call!)

broccoli, bean, mushroom and onions in shrimp stirfry served on cauli rice. Alrighty - nailed it - that's 5 - got my 7+

will have some fruit - maybe an apple? to round things off.

This 7/3 thing is brilliant!

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Ended up having Buffalo Cauli 'wings" as a snack last night. Dinner wasn't holding us. So - Lots of veg yesterday!

Today - 

boiled eggs for bkft as we were travelling between our home and our Airstream. Ate an orange too.  1 fruit
giant, hearty slaw for lunch with a roasted turkey breast - lots of different veg in there - cabbage, kale, carrot, onion, strawberries,  and a bit of fruit - raisins 4 veg at least

dinner - salmon, oven fries and beans and broccoli . And an apple. That's 3 more plus a fruit.

So, day 3 of 7/3 in the bag


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Day 5 of 7/3 challenge

bkft - potato, onion, mushroom, pepper hash   4 veg. I'm only counting 1 potato per day as a veg - too easy to overstep otherwise

orange - 1 fruit

lunch - homemade beef soup - tomato, carrot, onion, mushrooms, beans. I used the braising liquid from a beef rib dinner from the weekend, whir it up with a hand blender and use that for the soup base. No waste, great taste and packed with veg you can't see :)  My 2 cup serving of soup I am counting as 2 veg

small punnet of raspberries = wooden tasting from California - I don't know why I bother!

dinner - steak, sweet potato over fries and a huge serving of multiveg coleslaw - probably 3 cups worth. I blended frozen raspberries into mayonnaise with fresh squeeze of orange juice and a squidge of lemon juice + a dollop of coconut cream I had in the fridge to make the dressing - outstanding!


success again!

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day 6 - another hashless morning so vegetable have been a little tight today...

banana with breakfast eggs

As I am recounting this, I realize I've had a completely off-template day! I had my coaching group from 10 to 11:30 then neglected to eat lunch completely. Instead, I had a couple of slices of ham and a handful of seeds. I ate more wooden California raspberries then didn't bother with anything else. I was prepping for tonight's dinner - we're doing a platter so I made a salmon spread and baba ganosh - tested lots of that while I was making it so I suppose there is a veg in there somewhere... 1 veg then I forgot I'd already eaten a banana and had another one. weird...

I made spiced nuts for the platter and tested those. I am completely deficited in veg though. And food too! It's like my food intake today is solely derived from a cruise through Costco.

Dinner - well, the platter will be filled with carrots, celery and peppers. We're also making an asian inspired air fried brussel sprout and I'll easily have 2 portions of that. 

Well - we've had dinner and we've managed to stuff ourselves full of vegetable - carrots, celery, cucumbers, cauliflower with baba ganosh, and salmon spread. And easily 3 servings of the sprouts. So, top loading counts, right?  

A low food day but we will be alright. :)


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Day 8 - off to a very slow start - eggs, almonds and orange by 2PM - not a vegetable in sight yet!

Late lunch -  carrot and celery sticks with roasted red pepper dip - 2 veg

lamb shanks with vegetable laced gravy and potato - 2 veg

Brussel sprouts and buffalo cauli - 4 veg

Day 9 - nope - can't remember! I'm sure it was pretty good but darn it all!

Day 10 - eggs and orange

vietnamese brussel sprouts  - 2 veg

roasted chicken with roasted potatoes, beans, onion, celery, carrots, mushrooms. Deliciousness - 4-5 veg in total.


I'm doing really, really well on the 2-3 pieces of fruit per day - that's a big shift for me!


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Day 11 - eggs and banana

lunch - ham, carrot and celery sticks with babaganoush - 3 veg

dinner - a "clean out the fridge" burrito bowl extravaganza - leftover roast chicken, salsa, 1/2 avocado, garlicky kale, cauli rice, sweet potato oven fried cubes, mango (red pepper and onion) salsa, fresh cilantro and spring onions - I think that was 7 veg on its own and one fruit!


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Day 13

eggs and orange for bkft - HA - I see a pattern. :)

It was a weird day in that we had a ton of chaotic things going on in our house and neither of us ended up having a meal all day. We were grazing as our hunger hit us. Over the course of the day I ate:

an orange and a banana and a handful of raisins - 3 fruit

carrot, celery, pea pods and cucumber with a lovely big bowl of babaganoush - 5 veg

regular and sweet potato fries - 2 veg

there wasn't much protein - eggs and some ham

fats were a handful of nuts with the raisins. 

So, not a great day meal template-wise but good from a compliant food perspective and I got all my veg in!


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