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Our first Whole30!

Rob Merritt

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Wife and I started our first Whole30 back on Januray 2nd. We decided to do this in November, actually and bought "It Starts With Food" and "Simply Keto" for some good reading ahead of time, so we would know what we were looking at. I got a little jump on my wife, because I was really ready. I cut out ALL drinks with the exceptions of black coffee and our awesome well water out here in the country. On December 1st I weighed 287. I am 6'-2". At the end of our first Whole30, the beginning of Feburary, I weighed 258.2. My first time in the 250s in years. All of this is with very little to no exercise. Don't wale on me too bad, as my knees are in bad shape. I'm 55 and my wife is 62. She's lost over 20 pounds. I have hit a little bit of a plateau, and that's cool, as I know we need to incorporate some walking and other routines along with a healthy diet. The wife wants to start adding more keto friendly things, but I am determined to stay on the Whole30 a while longer. I actually like it. We've tried a few things in the past before and of course nothing's ever stuck. But this is different. This is something real. We are working on a workout plan that suits us both now that will not kill us or do damage to old knees or other old joints. Since we were basically sedentary for years, this is a big change and we are easing into it. I just wanted to introduce us. I am Rob and my wife is Kitty. We are from Georgia. We've been wanting to do this for some time and finally feel like we've found something that works. Even though I've hit a little bit of a plateau, I'm going to keep going forward. And before the gurus come tell me Whole30 isn't a weight loss program, I can read, so I already know that. I've also read Melissa's tips for getting past a plateau and that's exactly where we are, incorporating exercise. I am just so happy to have finally found something that actually works! Thank you Melissa! 

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