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Wildly swinging moods


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This is my 2nd w30 and it’s day 40 (that makes sense, right?). First round was in July and I felt a million dollars. I did 160 days and only had 2 days at Christmas where I ate sugar/dairy (chocolate), then got back on it with a full, strict W30 started 1st jan. This time I’m finding it a lot harder. The tiger blood was fleeting and more elusive and quite frankly, I am craving sugar (fruit, dried fruit, nuts, potatoes) like no ones business. I know they are, technically, compliant (except the dried fruit) and since my 30 days I have had some added (compliant) prunes and a NKD bar (larabar, I’m in uk) but they both just awakened the dragon hideously. 
My period  is due in 6 days so while I could attribute it to that, I do not want to feel like this for 6 more days: I feel really down and irritable. 

considering in 7 months I’ve eaten 2 chocolates (2!) and nothing else non compliant, and have only reintroduced wine this time around (had 2 glasses on day 35) I can’t work out why I’m feeling quite so awful all of a sudden. I genuinely have grazed like a goat all day and I feel absolutely raging with angry vibes. 

I don’t know what I am expecting by posting this! Any solidarity? Any advice? 

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3 hours ago, Rebecca001 said:

I feel absolutely raging with angry vibes.

Oooh boy! I've been there!  Is there a chance that in the last little while of having become very comfortable with the program and the meal template that your  meals have become slightly undersized? It happens quite often when we start to go from 'eyeball' and not put the same thought into plating that we do at the beginning.  I would definitely steer clear of those nkd bars and dried fruit in this case and go instead for something briny like olives or pickles since you know that having your dragon awakened is not helping the situation.

I would also say that yes, it's quite likely that this is attributed to your period being due - lots of people report needing to increase their food intake in the week leading up to their period and the week of their period.  We used to have a mod on here who ate double the food during that time - if you think about it, that's not that bizarre, your body is preparing to maybe become pregnant so it's asking for more nutrients.  I'm not saying eat double the food but when you go back and check on that meal template and how your meals are stacking up, keep that in mind also that you might be a person that needs to eat more during this time.

The fact that you're grazing and angry tells me that you're hungry (even if your stomach doesn't feel it, your body is). Make sure you're also not skipping plated fat which can be associated with murdery vibes.

Does any of that sound like it might ring true?

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Hi @Lorna from Canada, thanks. Re: portion sizes, if anything, I think I have gone the other way and they are bigger than they need to be. However, maybe the balance isn’t quite right. I’m still struggling a bit with emotional eating, and that seems more prominent this time round. 
today I’m going to really focus on the template. 3 meals, lots of veg, proper protein and fat. 

I have also noticed a small patch of rosacea flare up on my cheek, which is either a response to wine on Friday night or the increase in nuts or the NKD bar possibly, so that’s another good motivator to cut those right out. 

I slept better but not brilliantly last night which also doesn’t help me much, weird dreams and difficulty settling, which are also signs for me that I’m due so maybe I’m just a bit early this month.

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