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It's day 2 and I CANNOT continue to drink my coffee black. I am wondering if anyone has found any sweeteners out there that are useful & actually sweeten. I made my own date paste and it was an epic fail. 

I found some products from Date Lady - but I am not sure I want to invest all that money just yet if anyone else has any other suggestions. 

Thank you all - happy 30ing!

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Even date paste is really not encouraged in coffee. Some people find it easier to give up coffee for 30 days than drink it not sweetened. Others find that they do get used to it unsweetened, but it does take a while.

There are some ways to reduce the bitterness of coffee -- try different kinds, some are less bitter than others. Adding a pinch of salt to your coffe grounds is supposed to help reduce bitterness. Some people find adding cinnamon helps. Cold brewing can help. 

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If it’s just day 2 I’d keep going. You could try compliant almond or hazelnut milk? It can take the edge off the bitterness, however I found after a week or so that I was ready to switch to black. I never used sweeteners though. 
I think it will massively depend on what coffee you’re using and how you brew it as well. I use good beans in an espresso pump and would never drink instant or french press coffee because I find them unpalatable.

So I’d say persevere and as your palate changes over the next few days and weeks you won’t need the sweetener so much. I can actually smell sugar in tea and coffee now when people are drinking it in the staff room! 

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