Round 3 and my “not worth it” list

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I’m beginning my 3rd round today, almost 2 weeks after my last one ended. R1 was July, and after that I reintroduced wine but nothing else; R2 began Jan 1st, reintroduced wine last weekend (3 glasses of red, felt hideous the next day) and drank yesterday (white, felt ok this morning) - other than that I haven’t introduced anything else. 
I’m not worried about my meals; I have eaten this way for so many months now that I genuinely don’t think about the food, it’s a very natural way for me to eat and I can meal plan quickly and effectively. 

this time I’m focussing on my behaviours and the rules, in a bid to really find my food freedom. I am struggling with winter and a strict lockdown in the Uk and I find I am: eating outside of meals; grazing in the kitchen; eating a lot of compliant ‘food with no brakes’ and emotional/ bored/ stress eating. That’s been a lifelong habit for me that I think now I feel ready to tackle head on. 

So this round I am also removing: nuts, nut butter, fruit, and dried fruit, and no ‘bars’ of any sort- these are definitely not worth the hard psychological response I experience to them. 

I haven’t weighed myself since 31st Dec and decided not to weigh after my last round, so I’m not weighing before I start. I don’t really have weight to lose except a few vanity pounds so that’s another habit I’m keen to break. 

I’ll be eating 3 meals, and a pre-run or post run snack every day. I’m really going to focus on getting a full 4-5 hours between meals and I think in the early days this will be the biggest challenge for me as I often don’t eat breakfast til 10am, then have lunch fairly soon after, and dinner at 6pm (but with a bit of kitchen foraging in between!) 

I do exercise a lot, I run 35-40 km a week and do hiit workouts and yoga as well so I do worry that I don’t eat enough. We’ll see. 


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R3 D1 went ok, to be honest it was just more of the same! I had salad lunch with mackerel and fried egg. Dinner was a raclette/hot plate type thing with seasoned pork belly, chicken with shallots and salads. I made more of the amazing mango salsa from Friday as it was so tasty!! 

R3D2 today: James and I went for a cold Valentine’s Day run together, a good 12.5km and I did that fasted, so had 2 small pieces of pork belly when I returned, just to keep me going until brunch/lunch. I realise this means I’m skipping a meal today however it’s impossible some days to fit them all in and still get 4-5 hours between and not be eating late at night. So I ate salad, boiled eggs and tinned fish at 12, and we will be having roast lamb and all the veg at dinner which will be 5.30pm. 

I must make sure to get all my 3 meals in tomorrow as it will probably be then that the impact of a long run and a missed meal really shows. I’m prepping some food today for the week ahead: seasoned chicken thighs, some egg mayo, and I always cook extra veg as I will add it to pretty much any meal over the next few days. I’m also pre-prepping a load of veg sticks for the fridge as well as my snack this week is crudités and tahini/lemon dip. 

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R3D3 - feeling good this evening. Did a good, hilly run in the sunshine and yoga this evening. 

breakfast: chicken thigh, egg mayo, veg crudités and cherry toms, tahini/lemon dip 

lunch: roast lamb, roast sweet potato, roast parsnips, braised red cabbage and mayo 

dinner: pork shoulder steak, shallots, spicy apply sauce, red cabbage and peas and mayo 

No snacks, no fruit except in savoury meals, no nuts, - none of my ‘not worth it’ list. I have also really focussed on having that clear 4/5 hours between food and a few times today I was tempted but stuck very well to my plan. 

FFF book came today so I’m excited to read that. 

tomorrow: food is sorted, dinner will be grilled chicken curry from the W30 book. 

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R3D4 today- another really good day. Breakfast (chicken, egg mayo and salad), lunch (errrr more chicken, more salad, and avo with some veg sticks and tahini lemon dip), dinner was really delicious- cauli rice, chicken breast and a spicy curry sauce with butternut squash, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes blended with coconut milk. I did have a banana after dinner (breaking my no fruit rule!) but that’s ok. Feeling good with no snacks and no extras, and sticking to my meal plan to the letter. 


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R3D6 today- food yesterday was good, as was today. I had chicken thighs, a few chunks of roasted sweet potato and sliced roasted beetroot, and salad for breakfast after my run, then lunch was prawns in leftover curry sauce again, with carrot sticks. The curry sauce is 100% veg with cauli rice on the side as well. Dinner was sausage patties with squash and mashed sweet potato with broccoli and peas, and I had a banana after my meal as well. 

I’ve done a 6km run and a 6km walk today, plus yoga. I’m feeling good, it could partly be due to having the week off work, however I think the w30 and certainly the no snacks/ no nuts is really benefiting me, and although I’m still having fruit I am limiting to one piece a day and not grazing on it when I’m bored. 

The weekend is looming again, always a bit of a danger zone but I’m feeling confident I can focus on my 3 big meals and nothing extra. 

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So it’s 21st feb today, and I have done a lot of thinking this week. I’ve had a really successful week of just eating my 3 meals, nothing else. It’s a very important change for me. I reread my notebook from January and even there I can see that I struggled in round 2 with eating outside of mealtimes. This last week I have literally had my 3 meals a day. I can feel the tiger blood returning so I think even though my food was 100% compliant, it was overloading my insulin responses and just making me feel sluggish, and (ironically) hungry. So that’s the first thing I’ve come to conclude should be in my ‘not worth it’ list

1. Eating outside of mealtimes 

I reintroduced wine on 6th feb, had 2 glasses of red, felt yuck. Last weekend had 2 glasses of white- didn’t feel as yuck. This weekend had red on Friday, again, felt yuck Saturday morning and really struggled to get to sleep. Therefore, unfortunately, I do think that red wine is creeping into my ‘not worth it’ list as well. 

2. Red wine (I will miss you, old friend) 

Plus as I had already deduced 3. Dried fruit, nuts and nut butter (except within savoury dishes )

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So today I was really hungry, right from the moment I got up. Not hungry, but ‘wanty’ actually. I ate big portions at my 3 meals and stuck to that rule, and I’m glad I did because I could have eaten so much if I’d let myself. 

I made a pineapple chicken coconut curry for dinner. It wasn’t what I wanted it to be, it just didn’t work how I thought it would in my mind, and I put tumeric in it which I have occasionally found to give me a bit of stomach cramps, and lo, it has done again tonight, so therefore 

4. turmeric is now on my not worth it list. 

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