Sugar during Reintroduction Period

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The reintroduction page says to "Keep reintroduced foods low in added sugar—ideally avoid sweet treats like cake, brownies, ice cream, or gluten-free cookies. If the only thing you really want is a combination of food groups (sugar + gluten, or sugar +dairy), just know that it may be hard to tease apart the effect of the sugar from everything else."

I'm confused. Aren't foods supposed to be introduced one at a time? Is sugar an exception? I did a sugar reintroduction on day 31, didn't have any adverse affects. I'm not thinking of going on a chocolate binge or anything, but there are a couple products that I'd like to go back to that have sugar listed in the "contains less than 2% of . . . " section.

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Ideally, yes, everything would get its own day, but it can be difficult to find things with no sugar, so sometimes you may have gluten + sugar, and then you may have some trouble figuring out what reactions are caused by which item. If you didn't have noticeable reactions to sugar, and the products you try are very low in sugar, it's probably safe to assume any reactions you do have are related more to the other ingredient than the sugar. 

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