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Need sympathy!!

Nicki S

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Okay guys, I'm on day 4 and miserable. Please tell me it gets better...

I was a fairly healthy eater before I started, and I usually cooked some sort of veggies and rice combo for dinner. Meat 3-5 times a week, seafood about half that time. Anyway, I always had a little something sweet after a meal, and usually a cocktail. I have given up alcohol before with no problem, and I knew I would miss dairy and chocolate. 

But ohmygod wth the sugar withdrawals are horrible. I had a horrible headache for 36 hours and now feel sluggish and cranky. Not myself at all.  I am only assuming they are sugar withdrawals. Could they be something else? Any words of advice/encouragement/fellow raging?

Please please tell me others have been this miserable and please please tell me it gets better. My "sponsor" (that's what I'm calling her after these last few days) didn't experience this. I know the book says to expect it, but I didn't know it would be this bad. 

(Also, I was a little pompous at first, thinking my prior healthy eating habits would make this a somewhat less difficult transition for me. Forgive me, Whole30 higher beings.)

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Ho boy @Nicki S You are in it full on - carb withdrawal is a thing. YES - it gets better - hang on tight! With a regular intake of rice/a little something sweet/cocktails - your sugar dragon is enraged right now. I have completed 4 W30s and each time the sugar dragon release has been different for me. This time I had a raging headache. Last time I was full on irritable and angry.  All times, though, I stabilised after a week to 10 days and everything calmed down. It's very instructive to see how in control our sugar dragon is. When I complete this current W30 process (I'm on day 49), I am staying of sugar and refined carbs for good - just not worth it.

Good luck - let us know how you make out. I'm sure the W30 HigherBeings are smiling a bit but they know good things are coming for ya!

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