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I'm on Day 9 of my first Whole30 and It's going great! I can see that the habits I'm creating need to stick around far past 21 more days!

One issue I'm having - my face is having an allergic-type reaction, like one I've had in past with certain foods, only I haven't eaten those food (some shrimp and a rare type of mango does it, but I haven't had any shrimp or mango at all). My skin is raw, red and splotchy and my lips are puffy. Is this something that could be part of the Whole30 detox process? It started a couple of days in. I thought I'd ask before I dug around for something else.

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No one here is a doctor, and food allergies are not something to take lightly, even if they're currently presenting as skin issues -- it's always possible that they could turn into a more serious anaphylactic reaction. You should definitely talk to a doctor about this, especially if you've ruled out things like new soap, detergent, lotion, makeup, etc.

There are certain things that if you're allergic to them, you're more likely to be or become allergic to other things, it's called cross-reactivity. For mangoes, it looks like this is true for cashews, and also possibly for latex and a list of things that are cross reactive with latex, including bananas and papayas and some other fruits.

None of this means you are definitely allergic to these things, but like i mentioned, food allergies can be very serious. If you can't talk to a doctor pretty soon, you might look into the cross reactivity stuff and avoid any of those items you've had recently until you can get a more definite answer about what's going on.


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