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I’ve found conflicting information here on baru nuts. I’m technically past the 30 days, but wasn’t planning on reintroduction quite yet. I did a quick Google and found this regarding baru nuts, so I bought some and ate a few.

They taste sort of pea nutty, so I came and searched one more time and found this: 

Which is correct? I’m not eating any more right now for sure, but am curious. Thanks.


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If it is technically a legume like a peanut then it's out for the Whole30. If you want to make sure it's something you tolerate, introduce it like any other reintroduction item

I just looked up the Baru nut and all the sources say it's a legume. I can ask HQ again for you if you want but its possible that 3 years ago, they misspoke... because it is a legume...

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On 2/20/2021 at 3:00 PM, JenMc14 said:

Thanks. That’s what I wanted to double check. I’d love to see what HQ says. I’ll avoid for now, when I decided to reintroduce legumes, I’ll start there. 

Not sure who answered the question 3 years ago but just confirmed, this is a legume and it is not compatible for the Whole30. Even this page's faq says they're legumes as the answer to the first question

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