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W30 Complete, Reintroduction Day Anxiety Question


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Hi all,

I completed W30 on the 15th Feb,  loved it and never felt better, skin, mood, sleep, happiness etc. 

Q, I re-intorducted some paleo snacks here and there, since completing W30 and was ok, however today I have bad anxiety after being free from it during W30. I did try some "foods" 3 days ago that were not paelo, I went to eat out and had a plain baked potato with grilled chicken but included: 4oz of red wine, a side of BBQ sauce, small cearser (without croutons) and a side of sour cream. Could this have triggered the anxiety, even though it was 3 days ago? I can't understand why the odd paleo snack I added would have caused the anxiety. The paleo snacks I have added were last night and was some museli that is organic/paleo and a couple of paleo puffs. It seems odd that they would cause the anxiety but makes sense as it was last night, the other foods were 3 days ago and seems to far out to trigger anxiety. Any thoughts from anyone would be appreciated. I am planning a paleo lifestyle now after W30.

My days:

Thursday W30 but on the evening ate out and included: 4oz red wine, bbq side, sour cream side and small ceaser with no croutons.

Friday: W30

Sat: W30 but included a couple of organic paleo puffs and 4oz paleo organic museli

Sun am: Anxiety.

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Some foods can cause a delayed reaction, but it's hard to know whether that's what's going on here, or which of the non-Whole30 foods might be to blame. Your Thursday meal included at least alcohol and dairy, possibly sugar, maybe soy depending on what was in the BBQ sauce, and then there's whatever was in the paleo puffs and muesli. 

I would suggest going back to Whole30 until you feel better, then doing more careful reintroductions, with one food type at a time, and maybe waiting three days instead of two before reintroducing the next food, especially for wine/alcohol and dairy, in case those are what are causing your anxiety.

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