Continue to reintroduce or restart Whole30?

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I finished my 3rd Whole30 and I had a question about reintroduction. My Whole30 turned into a Whole 35 and on day 36 I had Chipotle (lettuce, fajitas, chicken, mild salsa, guac), day 40 I had inidian food (tandoori chicken and simosas and red velvet cake), day 42 red velvet cake, and day 43 chipotle again.

My goal is to perform a reintroduction to test myself for foods the way the Whole30 recommends. My questions is, can I give myself 3 days of eating normal Whole30 and then start testing my grains, wine, etc... or do I need to restart my whole30?

Thank you so much in advance!

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Whole30 doesn't really have an official stance on this. If you wait three days, or more if you're still feeling any ill effects from any of what you've eaten, and then do reintroductions, you'll get some information about how you react to certain foods. We can't really say if you'll have the same reactions as you would've had if you did a full 30 days of Whole30.

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