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Day 3 of my First Whole30


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This is my first Whole30, day 3 and I'm feeling good! I decided to commit to the Whole30 to try and get my allergies and chronic asthma under control. So far I have been feeling good, have managed to include a high intensity workout each day too.

Besides feeling like I could sleep another 2 hours this morning, I have enjoyed adjusting to the meals as I am somewhat of a foodie so I generally enjoy creating in the kitchen - they are taking longer to prep than pre Whole30 but I am sure I'll speed up as I go along.

If anyone is doing the Whole30 in Johannesburg, please connect as it would be great to share shopping tips as finding pastured and organic can be very challenging - I've managed on most accounts but I am still on the hunt for coconut milk/cream without sneaky added sugar.

Here's to 27 more healthful days and beyond!

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