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Hi!! I am starting my second round of whole 30 on March first!! I absolutely loved it the first time I did it (and actually stuck with it for 90 days) but I have gotten so far off track! I am excited to get started! I have made my meal plan and organized my "whole 30 shelf" in my pantry. I would love some accountability and support! My last round was four years ago and it will be hard for me to get back in the swing of things, although I am happy to see that a lot of the substitute ingredients are more readily available than they were last time! Anyway, would love to hear from others who are starting in March or also doing their first round in a while! Good luck everyone! 

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Hi!! I really really want to start in March. We are moving to Florida from New Jersey and I would like to lose 20 lbs as we would like to get pregnant again! Anyway, I'm so nervous to start and fail since we will be in the middle of a move next month! I really hope I can figure this out and join you! My first and last round was Sept 2016 so I feel ya! I lost about 16 pounds back then and was feeling amazing! I may have to do whole 30+ ish to attain my goals lol plus work out, I really would like to continue eating healthy during pregnancy next time around. Let's do this! I have to! Feeling super blahhhhh 

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Hi! This is my first time doing Whole30 and I am on my 5th day. Definitely feeling a difference already! More energy, clearer thoughts, better and more even mood,  less bloating, and less inflammation and pain in my neck. I've been pretty repetitive with what I'm eating though and would like to get a bit more creative. Getting a little tired of eggs for breakfast and been using bananas a lot for meals/ snacks, which I know you're not really supposed to do, but.....hunger lol. Best wishes for your second time around, let's keep each other accountable! I can't wait to see how I feel later on in the process. I have some chronic conditions that I would love to see some improvements in. 

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