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I have just begun after getting very chubby in a short space of time with immoderate wine and portion control. So I am day 2.  I am not much of a breakfast eater and eggs do not do well with me so am wondering if I can have a packet of  Almond butter for breakfast each morning. i am a bit ritualistic around food and if I can have this as my go to breakfast it will help me. 

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If the ingredients in that almond butter are Whole30 compatible, yes, you can have it for breakfast.

However, I would really encourage you to try to have something a little more substantial and closer to the meal template (you can download the template here: Even if you can't manage a full meal, could you try having some vegetables and a little protein with your almond butter? Celery sticks and almond butter are a tasty combo, and maybe have a few bites of leftover protein? Or make a blended soup you can sip for your vegetables. 

If you just have almond butter for breakfast, you really still need to have three full meals after that, or you risk not eating enough.

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