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Whole 30 reboot


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First time to the forum and I did just finish my first 30 days.  No questions, hands down I feel better and I am sleeping better.  Big plus in my book.  The frig, freezer and pantry are nicely compliantly stocked.  Meal planning isn't as challenging as I thought and since I pack a lunch for work, I'm not tempted though out the day to grab a bad choice quickly.  I do for some reason crave coffee in the afternoon, since I think that's harmless and I'm sleeping at night, I have that or tea in the afternoon.

The point of writing to the forum is that I was disappointed after 30 days ( and I was tempted NOT to) I stepped on the scale.  I have lost 1.5 lbs which since we all fluctuate with weight, its really a no loss.  A little disappointed.  So is that normal?

I am going to continue/restart with the whole30 lifestyle but wondering where I went wrong.  Maybe there were added sugars in things I did not catch?  Is potion control a factor? should I not have another helping of salad or protein if  still hunger? I know this is not a weight loss diet, however after reading so many testimonials of weight loss I really, really want this to be both- healthy food lifestyle and weight loss.

Thanks all

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I think it depends a lot on a few factors, particularly how much weight you have to lose and how much of a dramatic change the lifestyle is from where you were. Eg. If you went from eating fast food twice a day and drinking beer every day, you’d probably lose more than if you were generally eating a low calorie diet. If you were previously eating low carb and switch to this, the increase in potato/starchy veg etc could cause you to maintain or even gain weight. 

yes it’s not not weight loss plan but I don’t think you’re unusual in wanting to see a reduction in your weight. Now is the time to sit with your notebook and write down every single non-weight related benefit of the last 30 days. Even the tiny little ones. I was in your position and I decided not to weigh myself, hide the scales, until I was ready for weight loss/gain not to wipe out that increasingly long list of Non scale victories. It is one of my hardest fought battles of this lifestyle and the single biggest factor affecting my lifelong food freedom so I feel your pain. I still have a number in my head that means ‘I’m there’ and I am still 1-2lbs above that number and I am not yet at the place where I don’t care about it. But I care about it less than before. 

My suggestion is to hide the scale, seriously, lock it in the attic and write your list! 

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